Choosing A Wedding Photographer

For many couples, choosing a wedding photographer can be a difficult decision to make. There are so many wedding photographers out there at the moment that the market is over-saturated, making it increasingly difficult to choose a wedding photographer that is right for you. Here are my tips for choosing your wedding photographer:

  • Set Your Budget

Setting your budget before you begin looking at wedding photographers is a key step to take. When you have an idea of the amount of your budget you are willing to spend on a wedding photographer, you will attract those within your budget range. There are thousands of wedding photographers with prices ranging from £100 to £3000 and more. Of course, professional wedding photographers will have higher rates for their wedding photography, as they are experienced in the industry and have years of hard work and trial and error behind them. However, there is nothing wrong with going with a new or budget wedding photographer with a price range of £1000 and under, especially if you don't have the budget for an experienced professional.

  • Find A Style You Like

Every wedding photographer has their own individual style when it comes to wedding photography and editing images. These styles can range from posed, to candid, to documentary and more. Also, there are a variety of editing styles like light and bright, colourful, moody etc. Whilst you're looking for and researching wedding photographers, try to find similarities between the styles you like, and this will help you to find your style.

  • Ensure You Are Protected

When you are approaching wedding photographers for quotes, it is important to ask about the legal stuff like contracts, retainers, and insurance. The legal stuff may seem boring but it is vital for both yourself and the photographer to be protected, in case anything goes wrong. Insurance is a major factor as then you'll have piece of mind that the photographer is covered for their services, as are you. A contract is another major factor as everything that you request from the photographer, and what they request from you, is laid out before you and you know exactly where you stand.

  • Arrange A Meeting (Face to Face/Zoom/Video Chat)

Before you make any decisions regarding your wedding photographer, it is important that you arrange a meeting with them before finalising anything. Meeting with your potential wedding photographer can help you to get a feel for them and allow you the opportunity to ask any questions or bring up any requests or concerns you have. Meeting your photographer beforehand is a great way to assess if they are the right choice for you, and allow you to grasp if you'll get on amazingly for your wedding day.

  • Ask For Testimonials

Finding out what previous clients have to say about them is an important step when choosing your photographer. These people have worked closely with the photographer and have experience with them, which is great for you to know if they're the right choice for you. Great photographers will have numerous testimonials from previous clients, and this allows you an insight into how they work and get on with people during your wedding day. Also, asking family and friends for recommendations is helpful as you'll have direct access to honest accounts.

  • Ask To See Their Portfolio

Viewing a wedding photographers' portfolio is a great way to grasp their style of photography and editing, and is helpful in the decision making process. The majority of wedding photographers only showcase their best images on their social media and website, so asking for a full portfolio of a previous wedding client will help you to see their style for the whole day, and not just the best bits. You want your wedding photographer to be consistent throughout your whole day, and this is an essential step to ensure they are the right choice for you.

  • Book An Engagement Shoot

Once you think you have found the right wedding photographer for you, arrange an engagement (or pre-wedding) shoot with them. This is a good opportunity for you to see them in action and get a feel for how you interact and get on during your session, as you will spend a good portion of your wedding day with them. This allows you to grasp their photography and editing style, as you only have one wedding day and don't want to end up hating your photos.

I hope you have found these tips helpful in your search for a wedding photographer. If you are interested in booking me for your wedding day, please get in touch.

Withmylittlecamera x

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